Micro Invitational Show

AKA: Scoundrels and Scalawags Symposium


Makers that will be showing at the 2015 show are Mastersmiths James Cook, David Lish and Kyle Royer. As the show gets closer we will know how many pieces each will bring and they can show the photos on their web sites. I plan on having around 10 or so pieces myself and maybe some work from me that you will not see at a regular knife show. This show is where I will have the most pieces at any given time during the year.

This show is an annual show that I put on in my house and shop here in Nashville Arkansas. The date is the Second Saturday of October each year. I keep the show small so that we can all have fun and perhaps learn a bit about knives and collecting knives. It is limited to approx 20 collectors. There is a $250 registration fee. If you want a spot just contact me and I will be happy to put you on that list.

Who should come to the show?
People interested in learning about collecting or adding to your existing collection. You will learn a lot in a hurry because the whole weekend is geared toward things that will help you understand better the art of collecting knives. Men get their own tickets and sometimes women buy the registration for their husbands as a gift. What better gift could you give than support of a loved ones hobby? If you attend you must be able to purchase the knife you threw the bag for. Only throw the bag for the knives you want to purchase, you do not have to put in for more than one knife if you do not want to. If the fee is paid then you can throw the bag for the knives of your choice.

Lodging Reservations
To make reservations for your lodging. I suggest the Southern Belle Inn here in Nashville. The phone number is 870 845 2353 This is simple but clean lodging and is only 5 mintues drive from the house. This is the link so you can register. Ask for the Fisk Knives Block, this way they will put ya'll together and you wont keep the normal people awake.


How did they pick them?
There will be two other makers other than myself each year that is invited. The makers are voted on and chosen from a list given to the collectors present and the selected makers will show their work the following year. The makers that are on the list are carefully chosen and each exhibits good craftsmanship and upstanding business practices. There must be one Master Bladesmith and one Rising star in the knifemaking field. This show allows you to get to know these makers in a relaxed setting and even better understand why their work is collectible.

How do I buy?
The makers lay out their knives, describe them and answer any questions regarding their work being displayed both friday night at the review and again right before drawing so you do understand what they are offering. If you have any questions as to the construction they will explain that as well. We will have Bowie Bolita to determine who wins the rights to buy each knife. This is a varation of an old game that came to this country from Cuba in the 1880's. It was called Bolita or Throwing The Bag. Each person will have a designated number before hand that is on a wooden ball. These balls or numbers are put in the bag for that particular knife they are interested in and then the bag is thrown to everyone. Last it is thrown to a designated person who pinches off a ball inside the sack. All other numbers are dumped out. The last number in the bag that was pinched off is then shown and the person that that number has the first right to choose. Just like the makers themselves, all knives are not created equal and people have different tastes so some knives will naturally have more numbers than others in the bag.

There will be coon and possum treats on friday night at my house where you can preview the knives that will be for sale on Saturday. The makers are on hand and you will be handed the lineup and the prices of each piece at this time so you can start marking and figuring and asking particulars if you wish. This way you can stay up all night wondering which ones you want more. You can sleep when you go home. Prices will vary with the maker and what he is offering. There will be plain field grade pieces at the show to really nice investment type pieces. . All sales transactions must be complete at the end of the show. Put in for the ones you want till you get two knives, hopefully, if you put in for something and you would rather have one of the others later you can buy sell and trade amoung yourselves at the set aside time for such.

Can I sell my old one?
Now, now, we are talking knives now, not females, you have to keep her.. There is a designated time where there is buying, selling and trading going on among the collectors themselves, it is also called the Collectors Cornor. I ask that only the knives being shown from the collectors at that time be from that years makers and no one else's. This is a fair thing all the way around.

Who said what?
Each year an authority of some sorts will be here to give a talk. This will give you some relaxed one on one time to meet these folks and you can learn more and learn it faster. I will update the guest speakers when I get them committed.

You want to shoot me?
There will be an official photographer at the show -- it will be Chuck Ward. If you do not want your photo taken please let me know. The photographer will be taking photos of each knife shown, photos of the demos and shots off and on during the course of the show. Each person will have a photo taken with him and his knife as well as something you are doing or particpating in during the weekend. All photos will be burned on a cd for you. This will provide an historic record and give you something you can pull up to enjoy again and again. This is part of the show package. Makers will be having their knife photos done on Thursday. If you do not attend the show but would like to purchase a Microshow CD just let me know. They are only $19.95. These CD's give a good crosssection of knives to view and lets you know what goes on during the show.

Construction and Usage
There will be demos on Saturday and early Sunday morning. These demos will give you more insight into how things are done in knifemaking so you can ask better questions when talking to makers and generally learn to get your moneys worth in knife buying. These demo pieces might be by all three makers or just one maker, depends on the demo and your request.

What Else can I do while I am there?
The Friday tour was quite a success. You will have time to freshen up and rest in time for the snackies and preview that night. Some come in just for saturday and leave, some come in to take in the tour portion, this is up to you and your schedule.

Part of 2012's activites is that we are trying to set up a hog hunt for the 11th and 12th. we will have a collectors "Knife Rodeo" [cutting competition] the afternoon of the 13th here at the house. This should be fun and educational at the same time. For those of you attending bring a knife to cut with or buy one from our invited smiths and learn how to use it in all types of situations.

Sit and Spit
This is after the drawings and speaking and before supper or it can be right after supper. There is a lot of Bull shot at the doings after supper. We have to hire extra people just to get all of it cleaned up because there is Bull slung everywhere.

Will I get to eat while I am there?

A light meal will be served Friday night with a preview of all knives. This is so you stay up all night trying to decide what knives you want to throw the bag for. Let me tell you with my daughter Holly cooking that weekend we eat like Kings around here. Sunday and leftovers at lunch, if you are still here. After that it is time for you to go back home. Man, I crack me up sometimes. I just loved that.

Micro Invitational Show (Previous Knife Makers & Guest Speakers)

These are some of the previous makers and speakers from past shows


  • 2005
      James Cook, Master Bladesmith
      Brett Gatlin, Knifemaker
      BR Hughes, writer and founding ABS member (speaker)
      Bob Neal, dealer and collection adviser (speaker)

  • 2006
      Steve Dunn, knifemaker
      Mike Ruth, knifemaker
      AG Russell, Russell knives and founding member of the Knifemakers Guild (speaker)
      Les Robertson, knife dealer and writer for Blade and Knives Illustrated (speaker)

  • 2007
      Harvey Dean, Knifemaker
      Lin Rhea, Knifemaker
      Steve Shackleford, editor of Blade magazine (speaker)
      BR Hughes, founding ABS member (speaker)
      Carolyn Hughes, editor of American Bladesmith Journal (speaker)
      JR Cook, Mastersmith (speaker)

  • 2008
      Daniel Winkler, Knifemaker
      Craig Cammarra, Knifemaker
      Bruce Voyles, Editor of Knife Illustrated (speaker)
      Kevin Jones, Chairman of the Custom Knife Collectors Association (speaker)
      JR Cook, ABS Mastersmith (speaker)

  • 2009
      John White, Knifemaker
      Matt Roberts, Knifemaker



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