Micro Invitational Show

AKA: Scoundrels and Scalawags Symposium

The second Saturday of October is set aside each year for collectors to have a chance to learn all about the art of collecting knives at the Fisk Micro Show, aka “Scoundrel and Scalawag Symposium”. Save the date,(Friday & Saturday weekend) and join us for the annual event with both national and international makers and collectors as they convene at Historic Washington, Arkansas, home of the original Bowie Knife. With limited spots available, you will be welcomed as part of the family of knife enthusiasts, and the family atmosphere will transform your weekend into one of your most fun and educational events of the year! You’ll learn a lot in a hurry because the whole weekend is geared toward the art of collecting knives. You will make new friends from all over the country that share the same interests, meet the current hottest makers in the industry, and see demonstrations (how it’s done). You could experience entertainment from various popular entertainers, ( from Branson or Vegas Shows). You will have a chance to win hundreds of $$$ worth of prizes and a chance to take home the knife, or knives, of your choice! You can participate in the “Fisk Knife Rodeo” and could win the annual “Top Cut” award and added to Jerry’s Shop “Wall of Fame”! Often we have an authority of some sort to speak to the group to enhance your knowledge about the knife related industry. And last but not least you will be fed from the time you arrive until you leave. The show would just not be the same without the prime rib dinner from Naaman’s Championship BBQ and Holly’s desserts! First time attendees are referred to as “Scalawags” and the second year you become an official Scoundrel! Space is limited.

2022 marks the 50th year that Jerry Fisk has been making knives and he has been hosting the Fisk Micro Show since 2005. The Micro Show is attended by makers and collectors by invitation only. All you do is ask for an invite! If space is available and you are added to our register, you’ll receive information about the current show by email. Once you’ve attended one time you officially become a member and will be able to vote on the makers that are invited the next year. There is a $300 registration fee to attend for the weekend, payable before the event (covering meals, entertainment, demonstrations, and numbered ball). If your spouse, (or child over 12) attends, they may be a buyer or non-buyer and pay the appropriate fee, $300-buyer and “non-buyer” for $125. Simply contact me @ jerry@jerryfisk.com if you have questions and are interested in attending.

What to expect?

On the Thursday night before the show actually begins there will be a meet-and-greet Fish Fry at Washington State Park’s Jailhouse B&B. Your fee covers the meal. There you will meet the makers and other collectors Scoundrels that will be happy to share information or answer any questions you may have. Friday morning promptly at 8:00 am breakfast is served to start the day. Itineraries vary from year to year but generally demonstrations,(lunch) entertainment,(dinner) and viewing of knives is done on Friday evening before the show on Saturday. Yes, we eat 3 good meals a day plus snacks!

How do I buy?

On Friday night you will be able to view and hold the knives and visit with each maker. On Saturday morning after breakfast you will receive your assigned number and a bag containing wooden balls with your number. We will have Bowie Bolita to determine who wins the right to buy each knife. This is a variation of an old game that came to this country from Cuba in the 1880’s. It was called Bolita or “Throwing the Bag”. Jerry begins the show with his knives, then each maker after him – one by one- passing the bag for each knife. After EACH knife has had the bag thrown, a winning number will be drawn. Each person will have the opportunity to put their ball in the bag for the knife they would like to have the opportunity to buy. Rules are that you MUST put your ball in for at least ONE knife during the course of the show but may put it in for as many knives as you want. You might want to have a second and third choice in case your number isn’t drawn for your first choice. At the end of the maker’s allotted time they will offer a free prize, at least a $200 value, and pull a number from the bag out of all the balls dropped. During Jerry’s time at the table he will also offer as a prize, his annual $8.00 knife. He sold his very first knife for $8.00 and each year he makes only one which he offers as one of his prizes to remember his beginnings in the world of Knifemaking. Definitely more than a $200 value!!! The winning number for each knife is recorded and payment is made to the maker at the end of the show to avoid interrupting the next maker’s allotted time. The balls are returned to each collector prior to the next maker at the table. (Jerry does not take payments for other than his knives. All transactions must be completed at the end of the show.)

Lodging and Reservations:

A few accommodations are available in Washington at local B&B’s and motels in nearby 10 minutes away in Hope, Arkansas. These are some I recommend. Room Reservations can be made at the following locations: Coulter Farmstead is located in Washington. They have restored old cabins in the era of the 1830's (but with modern day comfort). They are limited in quantity maybe 5 or 6 cabins, I'm not sure. You can find them at www.coulterfarmstead.com and reserve on their site. I believe there are a couple of new B&B’s in Washington https://www.vrbo.com/4442178ha Grace Cottage is one I would recommend. If you want more modern day comfort you can make a 10 minute drive to Hope, Arkansas to the Holiday Inn Express www.holidayinnexpress.com/hopear phone # 870-722-6262. Right next to them is the Hampton Inn www.hopesuites.hamptoninn.com phone # 870-777-4567. They often give a group rate so be sure to ask for “Fisk Micro Show Group Rate”.

Micro Invitational Show (Previous Knife Makers & Guest Speakers)

These are some of the previous makers and speakers from past shows


  • 2005
      James Cook, Master Bladesmith
      Brett Gatlin, Knifemaker
      BR Hughes, writer and founding ABS member (speaker)
      Bob Neal, dealer and collection adviser (speaker)

  • 2006
      Steve Dunn, knifemaker
      Mike Ruth, knifemaker
      AG Russell, Russell knives and founding member of the Knifemakers Guild (speaker)
      Les Robertson, knife dealer and writer for Blade and Knives Illustrated (speaker)

  • 2007
      Harvey Dean, Knifemaker
      Lin Rhea, Knifemaker
      Steve Shackleford, editor of Blade magazine (speaker)
      BR Hughes, founding ABS member (speaker)
      Carolyn Hughes, editor of American Bladesmith Journal (speaker)
      JR Cook, Mastersmith (speaker)

  • 2008
      Daniel Winkler, Knifemaker
      Craig Cammarra, Knifemaker
      Bruce Voyles, Editor of Knife Illustrated (speaker)
      Kevin Jones, Chairman of the Custom Knife Collectors Association (speaker)
      JR Cook, ABS Mastersmith (speaker)

  • 2009
      John White, Knifemaker
      Matt Roberts, Knifemaker



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