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Micro show Petroglyphs Bowie

This is NLT #6 2012 marked piece for a couple of reasons. It will be engraved with Petroglyphs that we saw and took photographs of while hiking. i started to give the GPS coordinates to the ones that will be engraved but one of them is really rare.

The government protects all Petroglyphs but they do not know where all of the ones are that I used. Even most local folks did not know except for our guide. Even the locals did not know where this one is except for the one person that was with us when we found it. We will keep the location secret. I can tell you it is of a person in a boat.This was in the middle of the dang desert. I will give details of some of the ones that I will engrave.

I wanted this knife to be a reminder or link to our past hence it is an early American style of bowie blade often called a long hunters knife. If you want a "one of a kind" this is one that is impressive. It is complete with a write up about the engravings.

If you wanted a one of a kind this is one that would impress anyone you show it to by the time I get finished with it. It will come complete with a write up about the engravings.

Knife Listing Details
Blade Steel:Bull Pine damascus pattern
Blade Length:12 inches
Overall Length:17
Handle Material:Sambar stag
Embellishments:Engraved with Petroglyphs
Warranty:Lifetime of workmanship by Maker to Original Purchaser
Pouch/Sheath:Sheath and Pouch
Price (USD) $:TBA

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