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NLT Dirk with S guard and shells

The Dirk, the most copied and modified knife in history.
This one is marked NLT #4 for 2012. It is a large slender knife that brings to mind medivial times, storming the castles, boasting to the serving wench down at the local pub but fits in as a centerpiece of a modern collection.{ Notice I described this knife without my wife Bob in the room.} Its weight and balance is exceptional and one of the top knives I have made this year. Great color in the ivory, lots of engraving. A fine piece.

You can purchase this piece for delivery at the Bladeshow or I can deliver to you as soon as I get back from the bladeshow.

Knife Listing Details
Blade Steel:double pattern of ladder and W
Blade Length:11 1/2
Overall Length:16 inches
Handle Material:Fossil Walrus ivory
Frame/Liners:Stainless with Belly band
Bolster/Guard:Stainless mountings
Engraver/Scrimshander:Jerry Fisk
Embellishments:Deep Relief scroll work
Warranty:Lifetime of workmanship by Maker to Original Purchaser
Pouch/Sheath:Zippered Pouch
Price (USD) $:Sold for $8700.00

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