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Chef knife

This chef knife is marked NLT #3 for 2012. This is what entertaining in the kitchen is all about. Taking your time prepping up the food, talk, laughter a little light music and quality art.
This knife allows normal high quality usage with the proper rock of the blade but it also allows a more than normal forward grip so that delicate work is performed with a large knife.
Let your friends know what you can accomplish in the kitchen. It all begins right here. Order one while you can.

Knife Listing Details
Blade Steel:Intergal Tears of the Wounded Damascus steel
Blade Length:7 1/4
Overall Length:12 Inches
Handle Material:Fossil Walrus ivory
Bolster/Guard:intergal bolster and stainless pommell
Engraver/Scrimshander:Jerry Fisk
Embellishments:Deep relief with 24kt gold inlay accents
Warranty:Lifetime of workmanship by Maker to Original Purchaser
Pouch/Sheath:Zippered Pouch
Price (USD) $:POR

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