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Riflemans knife

This is an old style knife and it was often called a Riflemans knife. It was used by the "Long Hunter" going out into the wilderness. Why? Because it does everything you need in the field. This is also the oldest blade shape to mankind. This style of blade can be chipped from stone. it worked then and it works now.

Knife Listing Details
Search Similar Attributes:Riflemans knife, Desert Iron Wood, Belly band, Frame, Stainless
Blade Steel:1084 High Carbon tool steel
Blade Length:11 inches
Overall Length:16 inches
Handle Material:Desert Iron wood
Engraver/Scrimshander:Jerry Fisk
Embellishments:Line engraving on the guard and belly band
Warranty:Lifetime of workmanship by Maker to Original Purchaser
Price (USD) $:$3200

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