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Selva Folding bowie

This is the first of 10 one of a kind folding Selva Bowies. Each will be Ivory, each will have different engraving or pattern of damascus blade, but each will be one of a kinds, just the same pattern of knife.
An expected one year delivery. It is something I want to play with.
Call or email for your spot.

Knife Listing Details
Search Similar Attributes:Selva, folding knife.
Blade Steel:Damascus
Blade Length:2 3/4 inch
Overall Length:6 1/4
Handle Material:Fossil Mammoth Ivory
Lock Type:Slip Joint
Embellishments:Deep relief with 24kt gold inlay accents
Warranty:Lifetime of workmanship by Maker to Original Purchaser
Pouch/Sheath:Paul Long leather and zippered bag
Price (USD) $:6900.00

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